Book Launch! Children’s Book, Adorable!

I am so psyched to share the launch of my new project. It was one of the most fun books I’ve ever worked on. I hope it’s fun to read as well. It’s a children’s picture book  I hope will redefine the image of grandparents. The books I’ve been reading my three-year-old grand boy showed lots of grandparents but they were not diverse… in ANY way. They were quite old in appearance, quite tame in action, quite… dare I say it… dull.

So I set out to show what today’s grands do. We work hard (you’d never see a grand with a job in most of the books available for kids, yet most of my “grand” friends still work), we play hard and we come from all walks of life. We’re called by all sorts of names. We share pretty much just one common thread… we love our grandkids wildly.

So check it out. Please share if you know a grand or a new parent who wants a sweet read for a holiday gift this year. Or if you know a new parent-to-be looking for a warm way to tell the grandparents they’re about to be grandparents, look no further. To buy on Amazon, click on this link or on the cover. It’s available in ebook and in paperback.


NOTE: Want a discount? I just found out I could offer a discount on the paperback version. Who doesn’t love a discount on gifts for the holidays? Buy “Real Grands” for $2 less than list price today, Nov. 24 through Nov. 30 only at this link put in the discount code MZZL3FKG. (Please let me know if this doesn’t work. It’s the first time I’ve tried it and I am always skeptical about things being as easy as they say they will be. (I know I should have more faith…) And, if you do purchase, please leave a review on Amazon. Those really make a difference to the author and I will be eternally grateful. Got my first review yesterday and it was 5 stars and from a total stranger!

Love to hear your thoughts! Comment here...

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