Sale! Great Gift for Grandparents

If you know a parent of a young child or a grandparent of a young child or perhaps someone about to have a new grandchild, this sale is for you.

“Real Grands: From A to Z Everything A Grandparent Can Be” is a brand new book which redefines the image of grandparents. We work, we play, we rock and we roll, like no generation before! Delight your young reader with realistic, colorful illustrations and sweet rhymes all about some of their favorite people, their “Grands.”


It’s available as an ebook on Amazon at this link. And, if you’d like a paperback copy, you’re in luck because I can offer you a discount.  Buy “Real Grands” for $2 less than list price only at this link put in the discount code MZZL3FKG.  And, if you do check it out, please leave a review on Amazon. Those really make a difference to the author and I will be eternally grateful. Got my first review this weekend and it was 5 stars! (And I don’t know the reviewer so it’s really a thrill!)

This will make an affordable and sweet holiday gift for anyone who loves a grand, is a grand, or knows a grand who rocks!

If you’re interested in a personalized version of the book with your own photo on the cover, please email me

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