Love Haters, Freedom Fighters?

One of the big deals on WordPress this week involved the ire of some bloggers who didn’t like the rainbow banner emblazoned across their site as WordPress (I’m guessing) tipped a hat to the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

At first the whole anger reaction made me sad. I know I may ruffle some feathers here but, honestly, I’ve never understood anyone’s objection to gay marriage. How can something borne of love be a bad thing in anyone’s eyes? I’ve heard the rationale that gay marriage will ruin marriage. Well, folks, haven’t we already ruined marriage with our more than 50% divorce rate here in America? Haven’t we screwed up marriage with our TV shows showing strangers getting married on their first date? Or the shows in which a marriage partner is selected during a televised competition? Or the reality TV shows inside the very personal life of a celebrity family where we see the dirty underbelly of way too much intimacy in way too public a forum? In how much worse shape could marriage be?

And the marriage these people are protecting? It’s already evolved.  Marriage didn’t always involve religion, it was an arrangement between families. In Biblical times, marriage was polygamous. It didn’t morph into monogamy until at least the sixth century. It was also more about business and land alliances than true love. Love’s only been a big part of marriage for a few hundred years. Don’t even get me started on how little women got to say (and in some parts of the world still don’t) about who they married and when.

Readers of this blog or my book know my family story isn’t a pretty one. If gay people or any people want to form families of love and respect and support, why oh why would anyone say no? We have so much that tears us apart as people, why not embrace anything that brings us together?

Having said that, back to the ire about the WordPress rainbow banner — I loved it but others did not because it represented a political or social point of view with which they disagreed. While their disagreement makes me sad for them and everyone who agrees with them, I actually understand their objection. I wouldn’t want WordPress emblazoning my blog with a political point of view radically opposed to my own.

I celebrate the freedom secured by this Supreme Court decision. Makes me proud to be an American. But with that freedom comes the responsibility  to not shove our own points of view or agenda down anyone’s throat. (We’ve done that and it has dire consequences. I’m looking at you Iraq war.) What did you think about the banner? Did it offend?