Please Help An Author Out!

I’m about to launch my author website, Deborah Drezon Carroll, Author (creative name, I know). Before I announce to anyone else, I’d love it if you would take a look and let me know what needs to be adjusted, tossed overboard, enhanced, whatever. I appreciate any feedback you care to offer. Either leave it as comment or email me directly with the Subject line: Website.

Thanks so much in advance for your help. I know you are bloggers and authors and readers and yours is the feedback that will be most helpful. I’ll be eternally grateful. (Well grateful for the next couple of days at least.)



5 thoughts on “Please Help An Author Out!

  1. I submitted your request to graphic artist husband who suggested: 1) Lighten face on banner. Features are obscured because face is too dark. PhotoShop could take care of that. 2) In “Books” use a lighter “cloud” background and substitute black lettering for the blue violet font color which seems a bit distracting. Overall, looking good but just needs a little tweaking.

    You probably already have a web designer, but if not husband Cliff does photo-shopping regularly as part of his art business.

    Great needlepoint image too. All the best in your launch, Debby. 😉

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    1. Thanks so much. Will set about doing immediately. I wish I had a website designer but me and my serious lack of technical skills are doing this together. I’m going to attempt to adjust the photo but if I can’t I may be coming your husband’s way. I am so deeply grateful for this feedback, though.

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  2. Hi Deb. Congrats! I just signed up for posts on your new site. Does that mean this one won’t exist, or will be rerouted? I like everything the blog stands for. Maybe the only thing I’d add is a bit more colour to make the header pop while reading. At first landing you have a nice big scenic header, but when reading posts it’s a narrow pale pink header with just your name, the nice picture doesn’t show up. Not sure if that was intentional? 🙂


    1. Thanks. Yes, when I can figure out the redirect, I’m going to have it come here. But eventually I will get rid of the other one. Thanks for the advice. I’ll work on the header bar based on your suggestion.


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