Please make it easy for me to share your talent.

I learn so much from Sally Cronin and this post is a great example of what a good teacher she is. Writers, take your mark! Go!

Special Note: If you’re interested in reading Tales From the Family Crypt, it will be FREE on Amazon on Thursday, May 28 and Friday May 29! This is the only free promotion planned for this book. If you download and read it, please, please, please consider putting your review on Amazon (and Goodreads if you’re on there). I’m truly grateful for your help in engaging more people in important discussions about family issues like those  in the book. Feel free to tell everyone you know about the free download on Thursday 5/28/15 and Friday 5/29/15.

One thought on “Please make it easy for me to share your talent.

  1. well, i’m very new to wordpress and still figure out how to work on some of the functions. try to add some sharing buttons before but looks like it didn’t work then i busy and forgot it. nice reminder and i should figure it out asap.


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