What Are You Rich In?

A friend recently posted a note to my husband on Facebook. It was a music video by Greg Brown about a man who’s “rich in daughters.” Since we are exactly that, she sent my husband the video to enjoy, which he did. Love the concept of “rich in daughters.” We have three. They are simply fabulous: warm, caring, compassionate, smart, responsible, funny, pleasant to hang out with, what more could any parent ask?

So, yes, we are rich in daughters. That prompted me to think about what else we are “rich” in. Would I trade any of it for being rich in the currency most people measure wealth in — actual wealth?

I’m rich in friends. Could write endless odes to my friends. They are varied but they share one characteristic; they are damn good people. As readers of “Tales From the Family Crypt” know, my extended family, described succinctly, stink. So my friends have become family, which explains why I haven’t completely lost my mind (unless maybe I have and don’t know it) from dealing with my actual family. In fact just the other day I was talking to a friend about a party she was having. I asked her if she invited her friend Carol and she said she hadn’t as the gathering was small and intimate, just for family. I suppose I cocked an eyebrow or indicated in some way my question about why we were invited and as if she heard my thought she sent a dismissive wave my way and said, “Well, you’re family.” Love that! Made me feel loved and special. So, clearly we’re rich in friends.

We’re rich in the natural beauty of our environmental surroundings. We enjoy an idyllic backyard, seen daily from the big sliding glass door in my kitchen. I eat meals gazing at greenery, trees, mosses, sometimes flowers, sometimes deer and groundhogs, and even a fox or two. It’s  serene and calming.Moments away I can hike in parks and be enveloped in nature if I need to get away from the sounds of the real world.  Summers we walk on the beach gazing at ocean vistas from the shore. We are the Trumps, the Oprahs, and the other rich people of natural beauty. (For the record I wouldn’t want to be the real Trumps or Oprahs.)

We are rich in sense of humor. I find a lot of things funny. Sometimes I am quite annoying announcing the stuff that cracks me up. My husband is the class clown and has been out of class (pun intended) for many years. He makes people laugh, sometimes causing food and drink to come out of their noses because they are laughing so hard.

We are rich in time. We have scheduled our lives in ways that mean every minute of every day is not accounted for. We have time some days to just “be” and not have to be anywhere doing anything.

We are rich in appreciation of things that give us pleasure. I love to write, to read, to run, to listen to music, to cook (sometimes), to eat,  to take pictures, to work with glass mosaic and to discover new things to love.  I even like my job and have for many years. I’m not that good at many of the fun things I try but I’m rich in the fact I don’t care all that much about how I do stuff, just that I can.

And, no there’s not one thing on my “rich” list I’d trade for more money. Because if I had more money, I’d probably want to buy access to some of these things, anyway.

I’m rich in the love of rainbows. I’m almost obnoxious about it. Enjoy.


So what are you rich in? Would you trade it for monetary richness? I promise not to judge you. I’m aware money can also make people happy. I know they say it can’t, but let’s face it, sometimes it does and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

16 thoughts on “What Are You Rich In?

  1. I am sure this would be an eye-opener for many around us.

    Like you, i don’t worry much about money (in the sense of being rich with it). I love to Travel, buy Gifts for my wife, attend Toastmasters and enjoy Outings every week. Though my bank account never had more than what i can count easily, i am still Rich!

    I loved your post, i am so happy to read you are indeed very Rich!


    1. So, now I’m adding reading comments like yours to the list of things I am rich in! So grateful, thank you! I like your bank account description a lot – “never had more than I could count easily.” Beautifully worded.

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  2. I’m rich in all the ways you name, so I’ll add a few more: faith, health, words. I even wrote a post about wealth in words: http://plainandfancygirl.com/2015/01/17/purple-passages-rich-word/ From the looks of your blog, I’d say you are word-rich too.

    Your comment about humor cracks me up. One of the reasons I married Cliff is because he makes me laugh . . . every day. Money is a necessity, but I don’t think it can make anyone more happy. More comfortable maybe but not happier.

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  3. Lovely post Debby. Tis a good sign of a healthy soul to know and appreciate the things that make the spirit rich. I remember a message from one of my most senior meditation teachers. She said “when we are full we give, when we are empty we take” – very deep when you think about it – can’t fill myself with matter 🙂 Have a great day 🙂 PS Will look up that music video – sounds lovely.

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  4. This made me count a number of things that I’m rich in but the one I value the most is, strange enough, my very complicate family 🙂 I’m rich because I find myself with so many people I can call family because of my ‘adoptive’ upbringing. Thanks for this very heart-warming post, Debby.

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  5. Family often means a great deal more than just a blood tie. In my life, beyond my nuclear family, my friends have become family. Without them, I’d be pretty lost. Family is more a feeling than anything else in some cases. So glad you feel rich and grateful. 🙂

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  6. I agree money can buy happiness at some point, we can never live peacefully if need to count any penny every day. I will see money as a tool to buy us happiness, time and peace. As long as we don’t rule by the money, not chasing it for no reason then it’s fine. But at certain point, money is no longer can help us to reach a higher level of happiness. it’s happy to have $10,000, 100,000 but 100000,00000 is not really make that big difference.

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  7. I think it’s true money buys happiness in terms of food, shelter and comfort — the basics. Beyond that you are so right about reaching a higher level of happiness not coming from more zeroes. Thanks.


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