Jump For Joy? Why Not?

Once I saw Goldie Hawn being interviewed. When asked why she always seemed so happy and was it authentic, she answered, “Yes, it’s real, I guess I just have an inner joy that’s always with me.” My daughters said, “No wonder you’ve always liked Goldie. You and she think alike in that same corny way.” I couldn’t disagree with them, even as I knew they were making fun of me. That phrase, inner joy, stuck with me. It became a goal for my life, to do whatever I could to maintain joy inside me and to promote it in others. Of course it’s not always easy to do either. But I believe keeping my eye on the prize did and still does help me get through some of the challenges of life, including those of my crazy dysfunctional family. The maintenance of joy is one reason I kept humor throughout my book.

Toward the goal of promoting joy in others, I share two things today.ย First is a blog I tripped over just this morning called, “Jump For Joy.” It’ll make your day so go check it out. The artist shares photos of, perhaps you’ve already guessed, people jumping for joy. They’re fantastic and guaranteed to make you smile.

Secondly, one of the things that makes me joyful. Love, love, love sunrise. Don’t see it often. Here’s one I saw recently. EnJOY. ๐Ÿ™‚


How do you attain inner joy? Is it something you seek consciously on a daily basis?

19 thoughts on “Jump For Joy? Why Not?

  1. This is a tit for tat comment, Debby – ha! I just read this post and noted the book subtitle: When Aging Parents Die, Sibling Rivalry Lives! My mother died just a mere six months ago, so I could write an addendum to your book. My memoir is a WIP about my Mennonite early life, with some sour notes, ending on happy.

    To answer your question, I’ll go literary on you: William Blake, “Catch joy on the wing.” Scripture has some great lines about joy too.

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    1. Joy on the wing. Perfect and poignant. Thanks for by. Sorry about your mom. We had a happy ending as well. Good luck with your work in progress. Sounds quite interesting. Haven’t read many (or any!) Mennonite memoirs!


  2. I think it just comes with some people and others of us have to look for it, but luckily that isn’t hard, it is all around!! and that truer inner-joy, nobody can take it away! love to you. Michelle

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  3. Yes, Michelle, you are so right. What’s within cannot be easily taken away. We can let it go inadvertently if we’re not careful but no one can grab it from us. Thanks so much for commenting.


  4. I just try to be happy, no matter what’s happening. My niece actually inspired me a lot when she was little and I wondered if I had ever experienced what she experienced. Then one day I was looking through some photos my Aunt had and there was me, the same age as my niece, the same pose, in a state of the same joy! I was so glad to find that photo, it showed me I had it in me. So ever since I’ve just let it out. I also believe that staying happy or joyful gets you through a lot whether its sickness or just a hard time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care x

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  5. What a beautiful photo. I try to look for the positive in everything, and with all the sadness and craziness in the world, it reminds me to be grateful for every day. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. When I first go to sleep each night I try to bring to mind at least three things for which I am grateful that day. Some days it’s harder than others but I’ve never completely failed. Even pretty awful days include something worth noting… so far.

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