Walking on Sunshine Blog Hop Party

I’m new at this spreading blog love thing but it seems well-intentioned so I’m in. I read a blog this morning on Hugh’s Views and News encouraging bloggers to help promote others by writing a short post about them. Consider this such a post. Joe Writes His Wrongs is a highly unusual blog. Or at least it’s written by a highly unusual blogger. Joe is a guy in prison serving a sentence of several years for a non-violent drug crime. Since being in prison he appears to be working on developing his talents, mostly in cartooning and also as a writer. I don’t know him other than to read his blog but I’m intrigued. Reading about a life so foreign to my own (thankfully!) is fascinating. Plus, his desire to “right his wrongs” and to have a better future while also setting a great example for others who have made mistakes and want to do better, to be better is uplifting. So, check Joe out. I think you’ll be happy you did.

11 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine Blog Hop Party

  1. Hi Debbie, welcome to my blog hop party, and thank you so much for joining us and introducing us to Joe. I’ll be checking out his blog very shortly.

    I really do enjoy it when brand new bloggers, unknown to me, drop in at one of these parties. I’ll be following your blog as well and am looking forward to reading your posts.

    Enjoy the rest of the party and I hope you get to meet up with lots of other fun lovin’ bloggers here.


  2. You know, Debby, I have such a great blogging community and I’m so pleased to welcome Joe and you to it as well. You’ll meet some great people here and read some wonderful stuff on their blogs. They’ve been of great support to me ever since I arrived here on WordPress just over a year ago.

    I hope you have great fun meeting them all. I know they will welcome you into their blogging communities.


    1. I’m repeatedly impressed by the power of blogs to bring people from all over the globe together in a sort of a community. The fact we get to know each other in meaningful ways is fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. Lovely.


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